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Why You Should Train Your Dog


To many people, dog training is all about teaching a dog to act and respond to certain commands through a strict and heavy-handed approach. However, this couldn’t be more untrue. Dog training does not necessarily need to involve punishments. Many people who have recorded the most success agree that heavy-handedness doesn’t work in most cases. There are several approaches to dog training for pet parents who care about their dogs and want them trained. Contrary to some of the information you may find on the internet, dog training isn’t a luxury, nor is it a simple task that you can easily pick up and excel at.

There have been many sentiments surrounding dog training in the past. Some of those sentiments exist today; however, an increasing number of dog owners are now opening up to the idea of having their dogs trained by a professional. While dog training isn’t mandated for all pet parents, there are potentially life-saving advantages to having your dog trained. Finding the perfect trainer is also yet another dicey decision, especially because the profession isn’t regulated. Having the perfect trainer increases the chances of training success and opens you up to the advantages that come with a trained dog.

With the evolution of science over the years, dog training and what dogs can be trained to do has exploded. While many outdated trainers focus on the old philosophies of dog training and conditioning, newer trainers base their approach on science-backed philosophies that offer more advantages and results. With science-backed training, dogs have become much more than companions. They have become valuable members of families, living indoors and behaving as their parents would love them to do. If you are wondering whether your dog deserves to be trained or whether you should invest in dog training classes, below are some points to answer your question.

Dog Training Fosters A Positive Relationship

People who wish to build a healthier relationship based on communication and understanding know the importance of dog training. Among the advantages of dog training is the improved ability for dogs and their parents to understand themselves while acting accordingly to basic commands. Modern-day trainers use science-backed conditioning to achieve the desired results, thus guaranteeing a more favorable outcome. On the other hand, trainers who rely on older techniques for dog training focus on the punitive side of things. The older dog training philosophy focused on establishing an alpha or pack leader, an approach that is set up for failure. With the positive reinforcement approach, dogs learn the importance of rewards and respect and learn based on motivation rather than fear or intimidation.

The most effective dog trainers can capture the dog’s interest and use it to train them without the use of force.

To Teach Life Skills

Dogs need to learn how to live and blend in a human-dominated society. The home environment is the commonest area where dogs will grow, and they need to know how to function properly in that setting. Dog training offers the advantage of teaching dogs how to blend in and effectively behave themselves among humans. Teaching your dog basic manners ensures that they are prepared to relate with the members of your family and guests and visitors when they are around. Effective dog training will also help curb some of the negative behaviors associated with dogs, including chewing, biting, jumping, and others. You can also build your dog’s confidence level through dog training while also socializing with other dogs. Dogs that have been properly socialized have a better chance of blending into the family and welcoming new faces compared to others. Training also exposes your dog to different situations – this enables them to build a better observative skills and improves the dog’s chances of acting appropriately in given instances.

Training will also help you to know your dogs better. Like humans, not all dogs are social. You will find out more about your dog’s ability to socialize as well as its temperament. Knowing these will help you to stay in control at all times.

Avoid Behavioral Problem

Dog training also helps you to build a level of communication where you are safe and comfortable being around your dog and vice versa. The more you invest in teaching your dog how to blend into the human world, the more it will continue to amaze you in terms of intelligence and the ability to learn new things. With proper communication established, your dog will now be aware of certain commands that encourage it to continue doing a certain action. This can help you prevent some common behavioral problems from arising or can help you address those problems as fast as you have noticed them. For instance, your dog shouldn’t be pulling on the leash when you’re walking it. The dog should also wait until you are ready to cross the road before making a move. It may be hard to communicate these instructions to a dog that isn’t trained; however, for a trained dog, a simple command can calm its excitement and keep you and it safe on the road.

For Loyalty And Companionship

One of the most underrated reasons why dogs are trained is to boost companionship and loyalty. The chances are high that you will develop a stronger and healthier bond with your dog if it is well-behaved and listens to instructions. With communication worked on and perfected, you stand a better chance of passing messages and commands across while getting the desired outcomes in corresponding actions. The increase in communication and understanding also builds loyalty on the dog’s part as it now sees its owner as a parent and alpha. This dynamic offers a healthier man-pet relationship and improves companionship.

While positive training has taken over in more recent years, there is a general misconception that positive training means avoiding the use of the word ‘no.’ However, this is false. It is also important to note that results are not achieved by just stuffing food in the dog’s mouth. Instead, they are achieved by using food and dog treats as positive conditioning tools that associate good behavior with rewards. To learn more about positive dog training or have your dog trained, visit

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