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Choose the Training Package that's Best for You

Dog behavior training is essential for pets. Not only does it encourage good behavior, but it saves you from trouble in the long run.

Thank you so much for your interest in our training program. Below are our package options in detail. Available dates cannot be held until a deposit is made, and these dates change frequently.


Board and Train:

2-week puppy jumpstart ( 5 months and under) – $2500

3 week (Necessary Obedience & Manners) – $3200

4-week (Behavior Modification, Minimum 4week program) – $4200

*Each additional week is $1000*


Day Training:

2-week Program. Mon-Fri  – $1750

-$875 per week for additional weeks if you would like a longer program


Private Lessons:

3 Package – $345 ($115/lesson)

6 Package – $660 ($110/lesson) 


Group Class:

(One-hour group class, once a week, for 6 weeks)

6-Week Obedience Class – $240


Drop-In Class:

(Only available to previous training clients) – $20/class/dog



$40 per day per dog

10 day package – $350 ($35/day)

20 day package – $600 ($30/day) 



$75 per night for well-behaved dogs. 2 or more dogs from the same home that are housed in the SAME kennel is $10 off the 2nd&3rd dog per night)

$105 per night for dogs with behavioral issues or difficult dogs

$105 per night for police dogs

$115 per night for former training clients who want to add refresher training to their boarding stay. 

Drop off 12pm-6pm. Early drop off allowed at no charge. Subject to availability.

Pickup 7:30am-10am, $25 care fee if picked up after 10am



  • 2-Week Puppy Jumpstart $2500

    Dogs 5-Months and Under

  • 3-Week Board & Training $3200

    Necessary Obedience & Manners

  • 4-Week Board & Training $4200

    Behavior Modification (minimum 4-week program)