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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Behavior Training & Boarding FAQs

Dog behavior training is essential for pets. Not only does it encourage good behavior, but it saves you from trouble in the long run. Below we answer some questions relating to dog training and behaviors.

Your dog’s safety and well-being are of the utmost importance to us. We pride ourselves on having a climate-controlled facility with AC in the summer and heat in the winter. We also make sure to adjust and monitor their outside time depending on the severity of the weather. (ie. heat waves or rain storms).

Yes! We have space for social dogs, little dogs, and can manage dog aggressive dogs. Human aggressive dogs are not allowed at daycare.

Yes! Our daycare program will be structured to support social behavior while reinforcing structure, boundaries, and correct social behavior.

Actual dog trainers and dog trainer interns. Your dog will be supervised by actual professional dog trainers.

Yes! We have a separate area for little dogs.

Absolutely. Large and small dogs usually learn by the same principles of attention with motivating learning methods. 

Basic dog training can help your small dog come out of aggression, marking problems, excessive barking, fear, and other behavior issues. The trainer can fine-tune training progressions to suit the needs of the smallest dogs. 

Just like learning a language takes practice, immersion helps the dog become fluent. After undergoing training for weeks, your small dog will take commands from you, require little control, and behave properly when called.

Well, dog training costs may vary depending on the type of training. Private training may range from $40 to $12 per hour session, while group classes with a professional dog trainer cost between $30 and $50. 

Obedience training schools typically charge anywhere from $500 to $1,200, while a six-class package goes for $200 to $600. Training a service dog for therapy, support or protection costs an average of $120 per hour.

Yes! We have a separate area for older dogs where they can enjoy a relaxed day of rest.

Yes, you can. Age itself doesn’t restrain learning in a canine, and we recommend dog training at all ages. If you have a puppy or a slightly mature dog, enlist for training sooner than later. 

A lack of training often leads to bad habits for the pet parents and the dog. Early training usually sets your dog for success rather than trying to modify bad behavior.

Yes, reinforcement with collars is a crucial aspect of any dog training program. Trainers, who use dog collars, can train more effectively and safely. 

After the training week, it will still be necessary for you to maintain your rules and boundaries within and outside of your home. 

Collars enable you and other pet owners to reinforce what the dog has learned in training until they become docile or fully obedient.

Are you looking for a certified dog trainer? 

Your search for dog training professionals ends here and now. Ridgeside K9 NorCal provides one-on-one behavioral training, dog care services, group classes, weekend classes, and knowledge seminars. 

Whether your dog likes staring at you as you eat food or easily gets bored, we’ll work with you to modify the dog’s behavior. Our programs are thorough, and our sessions are fun and friendly. No dog is too big or too small or too young for us to train. 

Our goal is to ensure your dog develops positive behaviors and rescue skills. Give us a call to discuss your dog training needs and find out how robust training techniques can help your aggressive or fearful dog become more friendly and docile.

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