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Board and Train in Chico, CA


Ridgeside K9 NorCal Offers World-Class Board and Train in Chico, CA and Surrounding Cities Nearby!

Board and trains are perfect for any dog. Everything from crate training, separation anxiety, potty training, to behavioral issues.

Our Board and Train program is perfect for any dog. We can help with crate training, separation anxiety, potty training, behavioral issues and more.

Does My Dog Need a Board and Train program?

Is your dog in need of a board and train program? If you lack the time and ability to be consistent in their training, our board and train program is a great option. Dog training is about creating habits, we create those with consistency and repetition. Dogs are constantly learning through every interaction, whether you’re training or not. The Board and Train program submerges your dog into a controlled environment to ensure they are learning the behaviors we want them to learn. Not only correcting issues, but providing a good foundation to prevent issues from arising.

Every dog needs training. Is your dog exhibiting any behaviors you don’t like? Does your dog sit and stay in any environment, walk nicely on leash, have any behavioral issues? Is your dog reactive or aggressive towards dogs or people? If so, then a board and train is right for you. Board and train programs provide your dog a clean, and clear training plan. In this program your dog is receiving clear and consistent training and communication. Dog training is nothing more than creating habits. We do that through consistency and repetition. A board and train ensures that consistency with our experienced trainers.

What Will My Dog Learn?

Board and trains range from two to six weeks depending on the needs of your individual dog. Included in the board and train is a clean, climate controlled environment for your dog’s stay. Multiple one on one training sessions with our highly skilled trainers. Your dog will also receive some play and cuddle time while in our program. During our board and train program we take the dogs out on field trips working them in real life environments. Your dog will be under 24/7 supervision. During the board and train you will receive multiple updates which include photos and videos for you to follow along with your dog’s progress.

How Does Our Board and Train Program Work?

We start out by just getting your dog settled in. During this time we open up a line of communication with your dog and ultimately start to bond with it. Without a bond we have nothing. Once we have a line of communication and understand what motivates your dog, we begin to tackle your dog’s individual needs for training. Throughout the process we slowly challenge your dog by introducing heavier distractions and triggers for your dog.

What Makes Our Board and Train Program Different?

Our trainers have worked with thousands of dogs of various breeds. With that experience, we understand how to customize training programs for the needs of you and your dog. We take the time to get to know your dog and what training style works best for them. Just like with people, every dog learns differently and we adjust to your dog. No cookie cutter training programs. Our trainers truly bond with your dog and care about their success.

What is included in this training?

  • Clean, monitored, and climate-controlled living space for your dog
  • One-on-one training sessions with our experienced trainers
  • Field trips to work in real-world environments
  • Weekly updates of your dog’s progress
  • Pictures and videos of your dog’s progress
  • Easy access to your trainer via email, phone, and text
  • An extensive go-home session to teach you how to work with your dog and to show you all their new found training
  • One follow-up session to help you continue with your dog’s success


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We’re currently offering board and train in Chico, CA and for the following surrounding areas: California – Roseville, San Francisco, South Lake Tahoe, Redding, Folsom, Vacaville, Walnut Creek, El Dorado Hills, Sacramento; Nevada; and Oregon.

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